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Can I use this as a wired keyboard?



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    Fuyo Watanabe

    This didn't work for my keyboard.  When at home I would like to plug it in rather than use bluetooth as I can't wake my computer via bluetooth.  My model# is ST-AMBK

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    Dear Satechi team,

    unfortunately my emails via the support form don't seem to arrive.
    That's why I'm trying here.

    I have a problem with the wired condition.

    When I turn off the computer, the USB ports remain powered.
    After a restart, the keyboard behaves incorrectly and does not respond to any input. As a result, I have to turn the keyboard off and on again.

    I've also tested it on other computers with the same result.

    Unfortunately, my mainboard does not offer the possibility to de-energize the USB ports, what can I do?

    Thank you!

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